Souper Spectacle
Dinner Show

votre vin ou votre bière
Bring your wine or beer





Couscous et Tajines
Couscous & Tajines

Style familial
Family style dining

Doigts de Fatma
Fatma's Fingers

Salade maison
House Salad

Couscous royal
Royal Couscous

Couscous végétarien
Vegetarian Couscous

Thé vert rafraîchissant
Refreshing Green Tea

Patisseries fines
Fine pastery


Candle Light Dinner
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$16.95 Vegetarian Couscous Made out of premium quality fresh products, this finely seasoned meal lets you enjoy the vegetables taste along with the delicate semolina mixed with virgin olive oil aroma. The vegetarian couscous is a unique fibres rich and healthy dish. $20.95 Chicken Couscous The chicken couscous is a nutritious dish offering a mix of a low fat white meat along with fresh vegetables. $19.95 Merguez Couscous The Merguez couscous is a nutritious dish served with tasty Tunisian Merguez sausages along with fresh vegetables. $22.95 Lamb Couscous The lamb couscous is a nutritious dish offering a highly tasty mix of lamb shank with fresh vegetables. $27.95 Royal Couscous An easy to share popular dish, the couscous carries within the North African sun, heat and hospitality. The couscous is called Royal when it mixes lamb and chicken meats along with the Merguez sausages.

Share a royal couscous for 2 for an additional $19.95.

$34.95 Baheya Couscous Baheya Couscous is exclusively served for this combo menu. Prepared using apricot, plums, dry grapes and walnut, mixed with spices and premium quality fresh vegetables. This delicate mix of sweet and salted flavours creates an exquisite taste experience. Baheya Couscous is offered in the following options: Merguez or lamb or chicken.

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