Souper Spectacle
Dinner Show

votre vin ou votre bière
Bring your wine or beer





Couscous et Tajines
Couscous & Tajines

Style familial
Family style dining

Doigts de Fatma
Fatma's Fingers

Salade maison
House Salad

Couscous royal
Royal Couscous

Couscous végétarien
Vegetarian Couscous

Thé vert rafraîchissant
Refreshing Green Tea

Patisseries fines
Fine pastery

On The Grill And Tajines

All Grill dishes are served with a portion vegetables and couscous OR Chef Salad and Tehine.

$21.95 Kefta Brochettes (2) $19.50 Chicken Brochettes (2) $18.50 Merguez Sausages Dish $21.95 Mediterranean Dish 2 Merguez sausages, 1 Kefta brochette and 1 chicken brochette. All Tajines are served with a portion of couscous or vegetables. $18.95 Merguez Tajine Merguez served in its sauce with vegetables, apricots, prunes and nuts. $23.95 Lamb Tajine Lamb served in a lamb sauce with vegetables, apricots, prunes and nuts. $21.95 Chiken Tajine Oven cooked diced chicken meat pieces in a chicken broth with vegetables, olives and lemon. $24.95 Seafood Tajine Seafood cooked in its broth, vegetables, celery, cumin, olives and lemon. $17.00 Vegetables Tajine Vegetables with its sauce, (zucchini, carrot, mushroom), baby potatoes, apricots, prunes and nuts.  

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