Souper Spectacle
Dinner Show

votre vin ou votre bière
Bring your wine or beer





Couscous et Tajines
Couscous & Tajines

Style familial
Family style dining

Doigts de Fatma
Fatma's Fingers

Salade maison
House Salad

Couscous royal
Royal Couscous

Couscous végétarien
Vegetarian Couscous

Thé vert rafraîchissant
Refreshing Green Tea

Patisseries fines
Fine pastery


$5.75 Chorba (Traditional Soup) Made of Tomatoes, fresh celery, spices and vegetables, this traditional Tunisian soup is a very popular one in North Africa’s countries. Plat piquant Plat piquant $7.95 House Salad Made of Red onion, Colored peppers, Lettuce, Green Olive, Tuna and Dry Mint and seasoned with virgin olive oil and lemon, our House Salad is an explosion of freshness and flavours ! $7.95 Chef' Salad Made of Fresh lettuce, mushrooms, cranberries, walnuts and seasoned with virgin olive oil and pomegranate dressing $9.25 Mechouia (grilled) Salad Grilled and crushed vegetables, flavoured with mint leaf, tuna and virgin olive oil. 100% healthy ! $5.95 Wine dip served with Mlaoui bread Black and green olive, green pepper, lemon, spices. $7.95 Moussaka Eggplant, green pepper, tomatoes, spices, garlic, vinegar. Plat piquant $8.95 2 Fatma’s Fingers or 1 Brik Crispy outside and tender inside, this is a tasty appetizer. Our Briks and Fatma’s Fingers are offered in different flavours (nature, shrimps, tuna or chicken). Watering it with some lemon juice enhances its flavours ! $9.25 2 Fatma’s Fingers or 1 Brik with Lamb and Coriander Made of lamb meat, coriander, cheese, one egg, mashed potatoes, capers, onions, parsley coated with a fine crispy pastry. $8.95 Malsouka with spinach, served with Tunisian Salad Cheese, one egg, mashed potatoes, capers, onions, parsley coated with a fine crispy pastry. $9.95 Tuna Tapenade tuna, capers, red onion, olive oil, lemon, flavored with our spices. $6.95 Harrissa Tapenade home-made harrissa with colored peppers, hot peppers, grilled and mashed vegetables. $24.95 Treat for 2 Tunisian and Mechouia salad, 2 Malsoukawith spinach and 2 nature Fatma’s Fingers. Plat piquant



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